Renowned fishing writer and TV presenter Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling isn’t someone who changes his sponsors at the drop of a hat – so when he does, it’s worth paying attention.

Starlo recently fitted one of the new MotorGuide Xi5 electric motors to his rig and to say he’s impressed would be an understatement. “This electric is the quietest, smoothest and has the fastest response I’ve ever encountered,” he said.

Across a life-time of fishing, 20 books, scores of DVDs and thousands of articles, Starlo has developed a reputation as a ‘stayer’: someone who chooses a premium brand and loyally sticks with it… for close to 30 years in several cases.

Now, Steve has chosen MotorGuide for all his electric motor needs.

“A bow-mounted electric motor is as important to me as my rods, reels, lures and depth sounder,” he explained.

“My over-riding fishing philosophy is best described as ‘finesse’, so having a high-performance, reliable electric motor is essential, as I choose to fish using precision positioning, stealth and cunning.

“The Pinpoint GPS system fitted to the Xi5 definitely represents a significant advance in performance,” Starlo said. “In particular, the unit’s Anchor Mode is unbelievably good regardless of the conditions. It locks you onto a spot like a burr stuck to a blanket!”

But the MotorGuide’s benefits don’t end there.

“The Jog function can be used to shuffle the boat a metre-and-a-half in any direction, which is extremely useful when you’re exploring a spot. Being able to store Anchor points, as well as record and replay routes, is also invaluable when working a stretch of bank, the edge of a drop-off, or a series of snags,” Steve said.

The new Xi5 boasts a strong composite shaft which will bend instead of breaking and is backed with a lifetime warranty.

The motor’s high-efficiency electronics are fully encapsulated in a high-tech coating, making them impervious to water and dust. The Xi5’s quiet and precise steering transmission is built for long-life, with ball bearings to reduce friction and wear, custom seals against water and dust, and an extra-rigid shaft support tube.

Unlike the competition, the new Xi5 includes wireless capability right out of the box, allowing anglers to command precise motor and steering control from anywhere on the boat.

“The truth is I can’t wait to take this amazing technology one step further and actually hook my MotorGuide up to my Lowrance HDS sounder and GPS… then the fish really better look out,” Starlo said.

To find out more about the new MotorGuide Xi5 pop into Bay City Marine and speak to Chris for a brochure and pricing.