THE Blade Hull is Quintrex’s latest innovative new hull design to hit the market. The Blade Hull which features across most of the new 2013 Quintrex Range has done away with ‘clinker’ style pressings in favour of new smooth look, side sheets.

The Blade Hull is created using advanced design software, virtual modelling and stretch forming technology resulting in a concave flare in the side and bottom sheets offering a smooth and stable ride at rest and underway.

With increased hull efficiency the Blade Hull lets boats perform better on lower horsepower with lower planning speeds and improved top-end speed. Fine tuning the balance of convex and concave shapes the new Blade Hull cuts through choppy water and deflects spray with ease.

The new Blade Hull also features a sharper deadrise and narrow shoulder for the ability to handle all water conditions. Bay City Marine dealer principal Scott Cleaver said the new Blade Hull, combined with the famous Flared Bowand the new smooth side pressings meant it was the most advanced Quintrex hull design ever.

“There have been big changes for Quintrex this year with one of the biggest being the introduction of the new hull and the move to the modern plate look side,” he said. “It has really given the range a fresh look – I don’t think customers will be able to resist the upgrade to a newer model. “The Blade Hull performs with a near zero nose high attitude which is great for visibility at slower speeds.”