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The roar of an engine is what used to give it chops. Remember those days? These days though, with so many sound ordinances popping up across Europe and the United States, it's all about the hush. X-haust, the patent-pending exhaust noise-reduction system from Mercury Racing, is your ticket to boating in stealth. X-haust noise reducer.

Racing Accessories

Mercury Integrated Transom System

As a result of increasing demand from the performance boating community, the innovative Mercury Racing Integrated Transom System (ITS) is now available as an accessory item for repower or upgrades. Read More >>

Mercury K-Plane® Trim Tabs

Mercury Racing K-Planes® are the epitome of trim tab development, durability and performance. Originally designed to endure the rigors of offshore racing, K-Planes help get boats up on plane faster and keep them level. Read More >>

Mercury Outboard Rigging Tube Kit

Mercury Racing's new outboard rigging kit features a larger 2-1/2" size tube which accommodates multiple outboard rigging hardware including throttle/shift cables, electronics cables and fuel lines. Read More >>

Mercury Quick Change Exhaust Tips

New Mercury Racing Quick-Change (QC) through transom exhaust tips, designed exclusively for Mercury Racing by Custom Marine, Inc., feature an easily removable anti-backflow valve. Read More >>

Mercury X-haust Noise Reducer

Mercury Racing is pleased to announce the introduction of X-haust, a fully integrated sterndrive exhaust noise reduction system. X-haust was developed primarily to bring the HP600 SCi and EU662 SCi sterndrive engine packages, already certified by the European Union Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) requirements for exhaust emissions, in compliance with the stringent RCD noise regulations. Read More >>

Mercury Zero Effort Digital® Controls

The Zero Effort Digital control by Mercury Racing provides an intuitive control experience – precisely signaling driver intent to engines equipped with SmartCraft Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) technology. Read More >>

Mercury Zero Effort® Controls

Mercury Racing Zero Effort Controls feature a canted handle design that really fits the hand. Throttles have ball and spring detents which provide tactile feel and resist "creep." Shift levers provide a comfortable "throw" into and out of gear, giving sport boaters complete control of their boat. Read More >>